Partnership Opportunities

Why your organisation should partner with FWR 2024

Partnerships allow your organisation to strategically position itself at this high-profile industry event and will provide you with access to an engaged growing market with new funding sources.

FWR 2024 is designed to facilitate a multitude of formal and informal networking opportunities allowing you to interact with delegates and exchange ideas in a relaxed environment. There are a variety of packages available designed to provide maximum exposure for your organisation in all promotions before, during and after the event.

If your organisation wants to stand out as being an innovator in the waste and recycling industry, you can’t afford to miss out on this opportunity.


Position and enhance your brand, company, products and services to your target market in a cost-effective way with widespread and highly visible acknowledgement of your company’s involvement. You will benefit significantly from exposure to an engaged, relevant and influential audience in an environment away from the competition of everyday distractions.


FWR 2024 gives you the opportunity to connect with key industry stakeholders and maintain existing business relationships.


Align your brand with the FWR 2024 Symposium and the host organisations for event exposure and ongoing promotion opportunities. Your business will be viewed as a blue ribbon waste industry company or supplier and again immediate acceptance from potential customers


By sponsoring and attending the Symposium, gain valuable insights, information and exposure to the latest developments in the industry.

Who will attend

WRIQ Events attract a high calibre of participants from both regional and metropolitan Queensland as well as other Australian States and Territories.

FWR 2024 is expected to attract more than 200 delegates from all corners of the industry including:

  • Representatives from Local, State and Federal Government
  • Resource recovery and waste management companies
  • Experts in legal, insurance, contracts and policy issues
  • Suppliers of vehicles and other plant and equipment
  • Other suppliers to the waste industry, such as software, hardware and bin companies
  • Representatives from associated industries such as building, agriculture and manufacturing
  • Providers of cutting edge solutions to niche parts of the industry

FWR 2021 Attendees

Held at a time when many organisations still had restricted travel policies, FWR 2021 attracted 260 delegates from across Australia.

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